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20120129: Unburger

pierrekrahn contacted us from out of the blue today and asked if we were interested in an early dinner. We hadn't actually planned to leave the house at all today, but dinner sounded like a good reason to make an exception. We did the usual bandying about of dull dinner suggestions before pierrekrahn mentioned that he had never been to Unburger and was interested in trying it. UB is one of those places that we choose to keep in our regular dining rotation, so we were amenable to that suggestion.

Somewhere along the way we picked up dronon and the four of us ended up having a pleasant evening of dinner and conversation.

I set the camera to HDR mode and rested it on the table for this shot. Usually a backlit picture like this can be an exercise in futility, but I was curious to see how much the HDR would bring out. I am quite pleased with the result.

Here is the same picture in black and white. I prefer the BW version of it, but I like them both.

Here is another HDR picture, this time looking toward the street. I took this as an exercise in contrasts, and it wasn't until I was looking at the picture after I got home that I noticed I had captured a self-portrait on the Coke bottle.
Portrait In Coke
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