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20120127 and 20120128 - Edibles

Ocean King is probably my second favourite of the "basic" Chinese Food restaurants in Winnipeg (after Winter Garden). Having said that, I admit that we have not made it a point of trying a lot of neighbourhood Chinese restaurants in this town. When I call this a basic restaurant, it's because I don't put it in the same class as a place like Hu's.

OK doesn't have the most extensive menu in town, but everything we've tried off it so far has been good - especially their seafood dishes. I also like the décor - it looks like it was built in the early to mid 60s as a pizza restaurant and was never remodelled when it changed over to Chinese food. It is wonderfully homely and retro.

Anyway, why am I talking about a Chinese restaurant and then posting a picture of some custard tarts? atara and I walked up there on Thursday for dinner, and (as usual) ordered just a bit more than we could finish. When we asked the owner to package it up, she brought the bag of leftovers out to the table and made a point of dropping a sweet bun in as a "treat for later". atara already had leftovers in the fridge at her office, so I took in the rest of our dinner for lunch on Friday.

I left the sweet bun in the fridge at home, and it wasn't until I dug into it at work that I discovered the owner had also slipped some custard tarts into the bag for us as well. I snapped this picture and emailed it to atara in case she wanted me to run one of them over to her office (she didn't - her loss, because they were quite tasty). Since I didn't take any more pictures that day, this is (by default) my picture of the day for Friday.

I need chocolate eggs like I need a spike driven through my spleen, but they were on sale at Bulk Barn when we were shopping there today. If there are two things I am a sucker for, it's mini eggs and bargains. I am just going to have to control my intake until these are gone (and I'm overdue to start hitting the treadmill again now that my foot is largely recovered).

I was actually testing out a couple of things on the new camera when I shot this one. I shot it in raw, with it set for macro, and the flash manually enabled. The first one I took was too washed out to use, but when I pulled the camera back and zoomed in it worked a bit better. I guess there are limits on how well it can scale down the flash for macro shots - good to know for future reference.
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