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2010YIP - Catching up

I got a few days behind updating my pictures here. I think I have missed a day in there somewhere, but like I said at the start of this project, I am not going to sweat bullets over missing a day here or there.

We came home to this on our front walk the other day. This is where the water cut-off valve resides -- the same one that sprung a leak back in 2009. When the city came by to fix it, they left a hole there for a couple of weeks, and a temporary patch over the work for over a year. They haven't started putting out flags to mark where the other utilities are buried yet, but I am curious, and a bit apprehensive about their intentions here.

I am hoping that somebody wasn't going through old work orders and saw this one still on file. "Did we do this yet?" "I dunno - we better go dig it up again and check."

I have a dislike-hate relationship with Tim Hortons. I dislike that they are the most convenient coffee outlet on my way to work, dislike what happened to their doughnuts and other baked goods after they stopped making them fresh and began simply thawing them for display, and I hate that they can't seem to get more than 4 orders right before screwing up again.

What I really hate is how I can't seem to quit them, even with all the negatives. Their coffee is only OK. Their steeped tea is also... OK. My pet theory is that their products are all laced with crack cocaine, and these muffins in particular.

The windows people finally got around to installing the windows we ordered back in early September -- the ones that they assured us would be "in place for Halloween". They arrived at about a eight thirty and the last of them did not leave until well after 5. I locked Merry and Belladonna in the basement bedroom the moment the installers arrived, and let Jaws have the run of the house with the understanding that she would get freaked out and hide under the bed until they left.

She cooperated for the first few hours, but eventually she got used to noise and confusion and came wandering out to see what was going on. Fortunately most of her wandering about involved following me from room to room, so I could keep an eye on her and make sure she didn't try to jump out any of the openings where windows used to be. She has definitely become braver as she gets older. She even stayed in the room and watched while one of the workers cleaned up a bit with a noisy shop vacuum.

And I know she's not going deaf because she can hear food being dished up from any corner of the house, and she is very responsive to her name.

This is the new kitchen window, tentatively fitted into place. By the time they were done it looked much better, with proper sills. When they took the measurements back in September, they pointed at the vinyl siding around the windows and warned that they would not be able to replace it. We are planning to get the siding redone anyway, so we assure them it would not be an issue. They lied. They carefully removed and replaced the siding around the windows, and everything looks just fine from the outside.

There were a few issues with replacing the windows - most of them problems with getting the old picture windows out, and one of the old double-hung windows was quite a bit off-square. The foreman said after that this was one of the toughest window jobs he's had to handle in some time, but he enjoyed the challenge of it.

The other issue of note was that the wood above the dining room window was rotted out quite badly. We had noticed water damage around the window and written it off to condensation, but in retrospect I'm pretty sure there must have been a roof leak over that window at some point. When we had the roof done, the roofers mentioned that they'd had to replace some rotted roof planks along that side of the house. Fortunately the windows guys found enough solid wood to build up new mounts on.
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