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2012YIP - Even a spoiled picture is still a picture

One of the extras we ordered for this car was puddle lights. They are one of those things that you don't typically think about for a car until you own one with them and then wonder why all cars don't have them (our EOS came with them).

I suppose this picture probably needs a bit of explanation. I took this picture in the garage with the lights turned out so that I could show the puddle lights in action. What I didn't realize was that I still had the camera set in custom HDR mode. In that mode, it takes three pictures with different settings, then combines them into a single shot with high dynamic range. It works pretty well if you don't move the camera, and your subject is static. It does not work quite so well if you assume the camera is done after the first shutter click and only realize your mistake when you are lifting it up and hear a second "click"... and then a third.

Oh well - the results are actually kind of artistic IMO. And it shows off the puddle lights nicely.

Maybe I am just missing something in this second picture. I bought some lip balm while we were out shopping yesterday (we are well into chapped-lip weather) and as I was getting ready to throw out the package it came in, I noticed this on the back.
Thank goodness it uses "natural" titanium dioxide. I wouldn't want to be putting any of that unnatural titanium dioxide on my lips.
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