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20120117 and 20120118 - The password is f00t

This one wasn't even a candidate to be a "picture of the day" - I was just playing around with the white balance at work, but I got forgetful and lazy and didn't take any more pictures yesterday, so here it is.

Windows is nagging me about my password - we have to change them every 60 or 90 days (which is better than the 30-day cycle they used to be on). Rarity looks like she's in the middle of saying, "Change my password? Dahling, could I opt for a root canal or some other less painful thing?"

When you have as many things tied to your password as I do, changing it is a serious ordeal.

I went in to my follow-up appointment for the foot. I arrived at 11:40 for my scheduled 11:45 time and on a hunch, I pre-paid for 2 hours of parking. At 12:50 they finally called me in. About ten minutes later the doctor came in, poked and prodded the foot, advised me not to pick off the scabs and then declared me fit to go (but to come back if things took a turn for the worse). Total time: 90 seconds.

On the subject of feet and injuries, when the injury first happened I was treated to one of the most irritating, patronizing lines you can deliver to a person who has suffered a setback.

"Well it's sad that it happened, but just remember that everything happens for a reason."

The next time I suffer an injury or a tragedy and you feel like telling me that there is some overall, benevolent reason why it happened, please do so from out of arm's reach. And if you are accidentally standing too close and some of your teeth find their way to the back of your mouth, rest assure that in this case it did happen for a reason.

(No, I probably won't really punch somebody for saying that, but it does irritate the fuck out of me.)
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