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20120113 and 20120114 - Food and stuff

L'Epi de Blé is the little bakery around the corner and down the street from us. The bakery is not new, but the owners are. They emigrated here from France and bought it from the old Polish owner who was retiring. I got in there once or twice when it was the Polish bakery, but I was largely unimpressed with the place. On the other hand, I have come to quite like the new place. The owners are friendly, and everything we have tried there has been good. Based on the crowds that have been in the place on every visit, I think they may do well for themselves.

We were neither terribly hungry, nor terribly motivated this evening so it turned into a quick sushi night. We stopped by one of our regular haunts for the regular fare. It's not Earth-shatteringly good sushi, but it fills the gap when we get the craving. I also prefer the Mapo Tofu at some of the other local eateries, but again they do a passable job here. Obviously they must be doing something right in our books because we keep coming back.
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