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20120111 - Lunch Buffet

A couple of us wandered over to the downtown restaurant formerly known as "Pizza Hut" to try their Indian lunch buffet. The place is called Dhoom now, and my first visit was overall quite positive. I had a few minor quibbles (some of the sauces were a bit too runny, and the plates are an awkward shape - you'd just have to see them to understand) but overall the food was quite good and the service and atmosphere were friendly and pleasant.

About midway through the meal one of the chefs came around from table to table offering complementary slices of their vegetarian pizza (apparently they kept the old oven when they remodelled the place). The pizza was barely a minute removed from the oven and it was also extraordinarily good. I dare say it was probably the highlight of the meal. The buffet also came with fresh, hot naan bread delivered to the table.

Dessert (pictured here) consisted of coconut burfi, kheer (rice pudding) and gulab jamun. In my humble opinion the kheer would not have hurt for a bit more cardamom in it, but it was pretty good. The gulab jamun was as sweet and cloying as expected - my spleen is still buzzing. The burfi was a surprise though. I grabbed it as an afterthought because I am usually not a fan if the stuff, but this one was actually quite pleasant. It was neither as rich as I feared, nor as sweet as I expected. In future I will probably grab it and skip the other two.
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