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20120109 - Rocks, Part 2

Here are the rocks in use. I am sorry to report that they did not chill the scotch as much as I'd have hoped, but I think that I made two minor mistakes in this set-up. First, the bottom of the glass is very thick and it absorbed all of the cold from the rocks before the scotch did (that's my theory anyway). Secondly, I put too much scotch in relation to the stones. Finally, I added the stones to the scotch, rather than pouring the scotch over the stones.

That, or they just don't work very well. I'll test them again this evening and see if an extra day in the freezer made them extra cold. At worst, they make a great conversation piece in a drink, even if they don't radiate as much cold as I would like.

On an unrelated note (unrelated to the rocks, not the picture) I took this one with the old camera. I find that for action shots, and carefully composed shots like this it seems to do a better job. The new camera does some nice images, but it's hard to beat decent SLR lenses.
Chilled Scotch

pierrekrahn and his waterproof camera.
Waterproof Camera
If you are going to test the manufacturer's claim about the camera you bought a couple of hours ago being waterproof, you may as well order a big glass of ice water in a restaurant and just drop it. Best to check theses things while the camera is still under warranty.
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