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20100108 - Scotch Stones

I call these Scotch Stones, but I am sure there is a more generic name for them. These were one of my presents in our very low-key Christmas celebration this year. I washed them and put them in the freezer this morning with the intention of trying them out this evening. In theory, if you put them in a drink they won't melt and dilute it like ice cubes would. If they start to melt, you may want to reconsider drinking whatever you put them in.

I initially went to take this with the macro setting on this camera (I really need to sit down and read the manual at some point), but the scene was back-lit and I couldn't get a decent shot. I finally set it to auto, engaged the flash and zoom and stepped back a couple of steps to get the shot. The results were much better, but I'm still eager to actually take some macro shots. This camera does not do Earth-shatteringly good macro pictures from what I have seen, but it does well enough for my purposes.

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