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Picture a Day 2012

When I hinted near the end of last year that I was thinking of undertaking another Picture a Day project for 2012, I got a surprising amount of positive feedback. In fact I was so surprised by the amount of interest that I have decided to give it a go, but with a few changes.

First, I will not be signing up for a community effort like I did last time. On the negative side, that may keep me a little less disciplined about sticking with the project. On the other hand this will remove the stress on those days when I didn't have time, or opportunity to get a decent picture. My goal is going to be to post a picture every day, but not necessarily take a picture every day. Of course I will try to do both, but I won't feel quite so guilty about taking 2-3 on one day and back-filling, or using one that I took earlier if I don't get a chance to snag a picture on a particular day.

Another change this time around is that I won't be using the same camera for every shot. I picked up a little pocket-sized Powershot camera yesterday that will probably be my workhorse for this until I get around to sending my other camera in for cleaning.

Without further ado, here is the first picture of the year (shot today, but back-dated for the 1st).

I think I have mentioned this coffee place in previous posts, if not here then certainly on Twitter and Facebook. Parlour Coffee is a coffee "boutique" (for lack of a better word) that opened late last summer. They specialize in fresh-roasted, slow-drip style coffees along with the usual assortment of espresso-based coffees. If I could call one thing their signature product, it would be their Chemex coffees. If you ever find a place that serves coffee in this style, do yourself a favour and give it a try. I usually drink my coffee with cream, or cream and sugar, but I just wouldn't feel right upsetting the flavour of this coffee by adding anything to it.

It's Pinkie Pie! Actually it's a test picture to try out the built-in HDR features of this camera. I purposely set this shot up with very challenging lighting conditions, and I am very pleased at how well the camera dealt with it. Other than cropping, scaling and a slight boost to the sharpness, this is unaltered from the camera. This camera does much better onboard colour correction than my old one - then again, the technology is about 5-years newer, so that's not too surprising.

Until I get used to this camera, expect to see at least a few of the early pictures this year posted with some funky effects in them.

This is the kind of picture of opportunity that a pocket-sized camera will let me capture. We spotted this little mishap while out taking a walk in the surprisingly balmy temperatures here today (7C/45F, which shatters all records going back to ever for this city in January). There did not appear to be any serious damage to either the truck or the crane. The driver's pride took a lot bigger of a hit than either of these pieces of equipment.

On the other hand they did a real number to the traffic on both Portage and Smith with two lanes blocked on both streets. Glad I wasn't driving through that mess.

Here is the Chemex coffee maker in action. Notice how the pot is sitting on a scale? They weigh both the coffee and the water to ensure consistency with each batch they brew. The first time we ordered this (it makes enough for two people) we both commented on how there was no residue in the bottom of the cup when the coffee was gone. At risk of harping on about this coffee, it really is a treat. I'm sure the whole "roasted three days ago" part probably plays into it somewhere too, mind you.

The main focus of this picture is not the coffee pot, but the fact that I took it using the camera's fish-eye feature. I promise I won't be doing this kind of thing with many of the shots - at least not once the novelty wears off anyway.
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