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... and that's a wrap.

Originally the hospital was going to arrange home care to come by and change my bandages every couple of days, but losing the cast really boosted my mobility, so they set up an appointment for me at a clinic across from the hospital instead. While it would have been nice to have a nurse come by to change the wrappings, I'd have been tied to the house all day instead of having a scheduled process that took less than 15 minutes of my time.

They sent me home with all of the accessories I need to change the bandages myself (though I'll see if I can convince atara to help, since bandaging one's own toes can be a bit awkward when one has the flexibility of a brick). I am scheduled to go back in the new year so that they can check on my progress, but I am supposed to call if things take a turn for the worse or get infected.

While they were re-bandaging my foot, the subject of socks came up. The two nurses commiserated between themselves about how much they hated socks, and the one confided that she would forgo socks, even when going outside on the coldest days. "I won't let a bit of ice or snow force me to wear socks!"

"You know," I said, interjecting myself into their conversation, "a lack of socks when I went out into the ice and snow is the reason why I am here right now getting my damaged toes washed in saline solution and wrapped in gauze."

If I have learned one lesson in this life, it's that nobody can kill a conversation quite like I can.
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