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418 Error - I'm in a teapot

Kind of I have been wanting to do this to my work monitor since Monday. I have four monitors, and while any of them would suffice, I guess I would probably give preference to the analogue one. To that end I may download an animated GIF with a target in the middle and blinking arrows pointing at it. Just before I put a hoof fist through it I will shout something mildly non-sequitur like, "Suck my balls Jimmy Kimmel!"

Apparently we have contracted out our help desk and asked them to staff it with people who not only do not know our systems, but are only passingly familiar with recent inventions like electricity. "Prithee, tellest me more of this stone upon which thou wouldst attempt in futility to inscribe numerical annotations thereon."

"Our CSD database has not been updating since the 6th"
"Please do not be giving me technical details at this point. I am still needing to be looking at cost analysis for this application problem you are experiencing."
"And I'm telling you it's not the application, it's the data. I have tested it already with multiple applications...!"

I don't know whether to laugh or cry over the fact that a) I was apparently the first to notice that our Customer Operational Reporting database was missing, well, everything past the 6th if I attempted to access any of that selfsame customer data, or b) the fact that their "fix" restored the missing data, but borked everything prior to the 6th, or c) the fact that after they had made things profoundly worse, they earnestly asked, "I am sorry, but I am having to ask. Your original problem is now fixed, correct?"


We downed the first two bosses in the new Dragon Soul raid instance this evening. The first boss was laughably easy - as I suspected he would be after running it in LFR - and the second boss wasn't a whole lot harder. There was a lot more RNG on the second boss, and most of our wipes were due to people adapting to burning cool-downs when we got an unfortunate combination of slimes. Still, I never doubted we would be at least 2/8 before the night was over. I don't think the third boss will give us a lot of trouble either.

My main concern on the night was that my dps is a good 5k lower than the next person in the raid. There are a couple of reasons for that. First, my gear is a mess because they've had me switch roles and specs a couple of times. It would be better if I had two complete sets of armour, but most of my gear is actually better itemized for healing than dps. Likewise a lot of my gemming and reforging. I had made a vow to look into that when I logged in this eveing, but the RL whispered me as soon as I got in game and asked if I would be ok if they swapped me in and out of healing and damage roles for various fights. Ah well, I'll see what I can do about the armour.

The other problem is that most of my efforts to gear up recently have been concentrating on my druid. Our GM announced that he is going to be taking a break from raiding because they are into volleyball season, and he won't have enough time for raiding now. One of our other awesome tanks is also taking a break from the game, leaving just the paladin. Since my bear is just a couple pieces of gear short of being able to tank this new place, the RL asked if I would mind grinding out the last 2-3 pieces so that they can move me into a tanking role. To be honest, I don't really mind. I've been playing the priest for so long that the change will be nice. Mind you, I will need to relearn where all my tank buttons are...
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