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Ponification pontification

One of the things I was tentatively planning to do at MFF was commission a new badge. I scoped out the dealers' den and artist alley trying pick an artist who drew in a style that I liked, but didn't look so overburdened with commissions that I might have a chance of getting a finished badge before the weekend was over.

Then suddenly it was Sunday and far too late to seek out a commission.

Part of the problem was that I could not decide if I wanted to just get another plonq done, or if I wanted to get a ponified plonq done, even though I am totally not a brony.

I was leaning toward the latter, which landed me in the lap of another conundrum; for the life of me I couldn't think of an appropriate cutie mark for my ponified plonq.

Well, that's also not true. I had a cutie mark in mind, but I wasn't sure if I wanted to try and saddle some poor artist into doing a visual representation of existential nihilism in a form that would fit comfortably on a flank.

Oh well, maybe next year.
Tags: existentialism, fish, nihilism, ponies
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