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Cupboard surprises

I was pretty sure we had gone through our cupboards within the last few months, arranging the contents and getting rid of things that were vaguely dangerous.

When I returned from shopping today and started putting things away, I moved a can to make room for the new jar of Red Thai Curry paste and discovered that we had an unopened jar hiding behind the can. The paste is still good, but it made me wonder what other little surprises we had lurking in the cupboard, so I began to dig. Among the surprises I found were:

A treasure trove of expired cat treats from previous years.

Three different containers of catnip.

A jar of catnip-flavoured bubble mixture.

Three different batches of home-made jelly. One was a Christmas gift from a couple who have been divorced for years. The second was a jar of jalapeño jelly from 2007, and the third is a 4-pack of blackberry jam that I think came from my mom. The jars were all dated 2000, so they were probably from when my parents drove out to visit shortly after atara and I were married.

A canister of powdered iced tea mix that had gone solid.

Jello powder from 2004

Clamato from 2007

And a various sundry mix of canned goods that expired within the last few months or years.

By the time I was done, our cupboard was half empty. On the one hand I feel rather guilty about wasting food products like that. On the other hand I'm glad to get rid of some of those cans before they rusted through.

We need to go through our cupboards more often. I think that is going to be a project for this winter. We are overdue to clean out and rearrange the pantry anyway.
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