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Smoke on the water

There is a pall of smoke over the north end of the city this morning. Apparently a paper recycling place by the river got torched last night and it's still burning. There is no evidence yet that the fire was arson, but given the part of town and the fact that there have been previous arson attempts against the business, I think there is a pretty reasonable likelihood that it is. Usually arson is a summer activity here, so hopefully this is an isolated incident; we had something of an arson epidemic when I first moved here.

Er, there was no causal relationship between my moving here and the spate of arsons.

I haven't really been interested in any of the FIM merchandise out there, but these little gals caught my eye at Zellers the other day because they are some of the first I've seen that actually resembled the characters in the show. I bought one each of the ones they had, and have looked here and there for Fluttershy. I've since learned that they don't make her in this line of toys, so I guess I won't be able to complete my little pony harem collection. They're small and innocuous enough not to raise awkward questions from co-workers. Mind you, if they haven't already noticed my pony desktops or the ponies in my email signatures then I doubt anyone will notice the toys by my monitor.

Pony Harem
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