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Moat of many colours.

The fountain in front of our building has been fucking with my brain all summer, and I finally have photographic evidence to show that it's not just my brain playing me for a fool.

I don't often pay attention to the fountain out front, but some days as I've been heading home I've looked at the deep blue-green water in the fountain and thought, "Wait, wasn't that almost the colour of mushy peas when I was heading in to work this morning?" While my memory for colours is far from flawless, I was pretty sure that it's not quite that bad.

Last week when I was heading out to meet atara for lunch, I happened to notice that the fountain was pea green, so I snapped a picture with my phone and promptly forgot about it. Today as I was leaving I remembered to get a mid-afternoon picture for comparison. As you can see, the two pictures are quite markedly different.

There are other times when the colour is closer to teal. I'm sure that part of it is lighting, and part of it is algae growth, but I haven't ruled out the possibility that they painted it with light, or heat sensitive paint that changes colour as the sun moves over the course of the day.

Anyway, the upper picture was taken at 16:30 today, and the lower one was taken around 11:45 last Friday.
Fountain Colours
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