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Do you want coffee with that?

Whenever somebody ahead of me in line orders their coffee triple-triple, or any other combination where the condiments make up a statistically significant portion of the drink, a little bit of me shrivels and dies inside. If you wanted a sweet latte, why didn't you just order that? On the other hand I understand that people have their own taste in coffee, and there is nothing wrong with them ordering it drowned in cream and sugar; the purists probably grate when I order mine with half-cream and sugar.

"So centuries of selective coffee breeding, and honing of the roasting and brewing process isn't good enough for you, eh? Do you think Juan Valdez puts cream and sugar in his coffee? Ingrato! His poor little burro busted its haunches bringing those beans down the mountain for your cup of coffee, and now you've made it cry because you ruined it!"

When you put it that way, it sounds like I just ordered a Dom Perignon slushie, or Dalmore with Diet Pepsi on ice.

Also I'm just over 16,000. I really need to reboot this server, but I don't want it to lose its place.
Tags: coffe, judgemental, steak
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