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Almost like AMV

This is a 24-minute video, but it's worth sitting through the whole thing. I hope that second season is good enough to continue inspiring this level of effort and creativity by the fans. I consider these the brony parallels of AMVs.

Note that this video has some NSFW language in it (depending upon where you work, of course). There is a clean version of it out there, but the only difference is that they've simply cut out the parts with the naughty language - some of which are pretty inspired. If you have very delicate sensibilities then try and find the clean version, but I don't recommend it.

I thought the opening scene was pretty cool until I learned that it was a recreation of a Kanye West video, then it became awesome. It's not that I'm a huge Kanye West fan, but they did a great job of recreating the video. As an experiment, I started both of these videos together and used pause/resume until they were in sync. The attention to detail they put into this PMV is impressive.

Tags: narf!
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