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LJ User Icons

I got a note from LJ the other day advising me that my extra Userpics Package will be expiring in a few days. I do like my extra userpics, and I would love to renew the subscription. The only fly in the renewal ointment is the fact that Livejournal has been down more than up the past few days. I don't recall hearing of any elections in Russia these days, so I'm not sure what their issue is this time around. One of their programmers ran over the dog of a Russian mobster perhaps.

I seem to be spreading myself over a lot of social networks these days (LJ, G+, FB, Twitter, even a Dreamwidth account that I almost never log into...) and I seem to be posting very little to any of them. There have been times recently when I have considered contracting my footprint just a bit and dropping some of the services - then again, other than Livejournal it's not like it costs me anything to be on any of them.

If I did end up dropping off any of the social networks, LJ is about the only one I consider indispensable. It may not be the most reliable, but it is familiar and comfortable, and most of the people I came here to hang out with are still here at some level.
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