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Not quite the answer I was expecting.

Stole this from xydexx. I was expecting it to be either Twilight Sparkle or Applejack. Apparently I'm too cool for that.

By the way, on a whim today I sifted through Youtube and found part of one of the original MLP series. By god it was awful. I managed to sit through almost 3 minutes of vapidity, filled with characters who would have been indistinguishable but for their names and colours before I had to close the browser window in self defence. That Lauren Faust could take that and turn it into this is no small feat.

Which My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic pony are you?

Rainbow Dash
Bold and brave, you take on anything life throws at you head-on! Everyone knows you're a wild mare; always on the edge and living for adventure. You're also a bit of a show-off- but there's no harm in being confident with yourself! In fact, some people admire your assertiveness: you can stand up for yourself, and if anyone dares challenge you, you'll reply with a big "bring it on!" Your friends can always count on you to swoop in and save them when someone's giving them a hard time, and that makes you one awesome bud indeed.

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