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Tim Hortons sucks dead weasels

Well, their coffee and ok in the most mediocre sense of the word, but I'm tired of their leaky lids. It's bad enough with a regular cup and lid, but when their indifferent, minimum-wage droids can't even be arsed to grab a cup that isn't pre-crushed it makes me question anew why I keep buying their coffee. atara was grousing about their steeped tea as well this morning. I guess the short answer is that we keep buying their mediocre products because they are convenient. The longer answer is that there is not much better to be found in the area.

I would actually prefer McDonalds's coffee if given the choice. Their coffee is measurably better (subjectively, of course), and they have vastly superior coffee cups and lids. Alas, they are not a practical option for us, and this city has a dearth of good, independent coffee outlets. While some might see the lack of quality coffee houses as a business opportunity, I think the lack of them is actually a reflection on the city itself. People in this town would not know a good cup of coffee if it came up and dumped itself down their gullet. The typical resident here would cross the street to drink motor oil over good, fresh-roasted and brewed coffee if the oil was priced a penny cheaper.

Tim Hortons
Here is the cup in all its crushed glory. It's no wonder it was leaking and dribbling all the way to the office!

In other news, this has been a nervous week for me. I cashed out some of the stocks I have been buying through our Employee Purchase Plan so that we would have enough to pay off the new car when it is ready for us to pick up. When I was cashed them out, I first went in and changed my banking details so that the money would go into a special savings account that we set up specifically for buying a new car. We originally set it up when we bought the Eos, but once that one was paid off we co-opted it for the Outback.

I sold the stocks on Monday, and then went all OCD on our on-line bank account, checking the balance several times a day for the rest of the week. When I got the deposit notice from the broker house yesterday morning and the money had still not shown up in our bank account this morning, I started getting a bit more nervous. Had I entered in the right account number? Had I put in the wrong transit number and routed the money to somebody else's account? Were my cats secretly plotting against me? So many worries! I was going to wait until the bank opened today and give them a call to see if there was a problem with the transfer, but before I called I decided to check the balance once more and lo! Our money was there! We are momentarily rich!

I got an email from the car dealership earlier this week saying that they were still waiting for some of the parts we'd ordered to come in, so the car likely won't be available until sometime next week. We could pick it up this weekend if we wanted, and then take it back to get the missing parts added once they arrive, but we decided to just leave the car with them until it is all done. The dealership is all the way across town from us, and we don't feel like making the trip more times than we have to. I guess one way we could amuse ourselves while we wait is to go shopping for a bike carrier this weekend. I think they make a one size fits all style that would work with this car.
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