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Raven's Brew

As much as I can be a bit of a beer snob at times, I am even more of a coffee snob.

While I was in Alaska, I was intrigued by a locally grown roasted coffee called Raven's Brew. I had heard through various of sources that it is pretty good coffee, so I watched for it in a couple of the ports that we hit. What I learned from my experience was that a surprising number of Alaskans make really bad coffee. I can usually drink almost anything, but in both Skagway and Ketchikan I ended up throwing out half-finished cups. I was pretty coffee-starved on the trip, so you know that it's pretty awful cup when I am dumping it halfway through.

On the other hand, I was willing to give Raven's Brew the benefit of the doubt and assume that the problem was in the preparation and not the bean, so I grabbed a couple bags of whole beans while we were in Ketchikan. I'd have liked to try several of them, but I settled on Resurrection Blend and Wicked Wolf because they had some of the best flavour text on the bags.

This morning I finally cracked open the bag of Resurrection Blend and made myself a cup. This is good coffee when it's made right. I'm almost wishing now that I'd bought a couple more pounds of it when I had the chance.
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