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Voice Mail

My cell phone's voice mail indicator is set, indicating that somebody has left me a message. When I bring the phone out of standby, it reminds me on the lock screen that I have voice mail and there is now a little voice mail icon in the notification bar. The problem is that we don't have voice mail on these phones. That is, we're not supposed to. We passed on that feature when we signed up for these phones so we were never issued any access passwords, and they have not been charging us for it on the monthly bills.

Somebody left phantom message for atara while we were out in Victoria and her phone has been pestering her about it ever since. I guess it's time to make a trip to the phone store to find out how we can clear the messages we shouldn't have.

Also it's my first day back to work after being away for three weeks. I checked my email a couple of times while I have been away and I have seen enough to know that I really don't want to go in this morning. Blarg.
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