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Although I took several hundred pictures on the trip, I will probably end up posting only a couple of dozen here because so many are practically duplicates of each other. My camera did not behave itself well on the trip (nor did my stomach toward the end, but I blame the toxic salmon in Ketchikan). As for the camera, part of its problems were my fault (bumping it to the wrong setting so that I was shooting in night mode when I thought I had it set to manual, etc), and the other problems mostly related to dirt. There are specks on many of my pictures that I thought were the result of dust on the camera sensor, but in retrospect I am beginning to think that there might be dust inside of my zoom lens.

I'm not sure how what is involved in getting a dust out of a lens, but part of me fears that it might cost more than the lens itself is worth.

Anyway, without further ado here are some of my pictures from the trip. At atara's prompting I am copying over the picture descriptions verbatim from my Flickr set.

Room With A View
Our room in Anchorage had a lovely view of the mountains.

Ascent Into Madness
After discovering that what we thought would be a modest walk from our hotel to town was more of a 2 1/2 hour stroll, this stairway near the end of it was just salt in the burning calves.
Kinda Lousy Bus Tour
... and we never saw our money, nor that hour of our life back. This bus tour was a bit of a waste, but it was very nice to get off our feet for awhile after the long walk to town from our hotel.
Lots of Small Planes
Alaska has more planes than people, or cars, or something like that. Our tour guide couldn't have mentioned it less than 15 times in the course of an hour.
Whoah Mountains
By the end of our cruise we were all like "Oh look, more mountains", but early on we were all like "Whoa, mountains!" Us prairie folk are easy to impress.
Downtown Anchorage
Beautiful downtown Anchorage, such as it is. We spent a lot of time on this particular street. The cafe over to the right had excellent breakfasts. Naturally we went there for lunch.
Seal Hook
As much as we loved our long walk to town through the sketchier parts of Anchorage, the museum was easily the highlight of the city for us.
A Møøse once bit my sister ...
Mynd you, møøse bites Kan be pretty nasti...
Indian Bowl
I took several pictures of this display hoping that at least one would turn out. They all turned out, so then I was stuck with the tough decision of which one to post. Then it occurred to me that nobody but me would know the difference anyway, so I posted this one.
Spenny Knows Beer
We got ourselves a private room at Glacier Brewhouse for dinner. The food was fairly pricey, but it was good. So was the beer. The little moose is Spenny. We picked him up at a cheesy souvenir shop and made him the mascot for our trip.
Spenny in Anchorage
My initial plan had been to take a picture of Spenny with each port of call in the background. Unfortunately I got distracted later in the trip (vomiting and stuff) and didn't manage to get shots of him at every stop. The dark spots on on this picture are dust specs on my camera's sensor that I thought I got rid of before the trip. Imagine my delight to see them in virtually every shot from this trip.
Mount McKinley
Hey look, it's Mount McKinley. No really, that's it. I thought it would be bigger. That's the closest we managed to see it on from on this trip. Isn't it splendorous and stupendous and all those other ous things? Or maybe that's Russia - apparently you can see that from here as well.
Bloody Scenery
I was all like, "Wow, is that a real 737?" and I had to snap a picture of it cutting a majestic path through the sky. Suddenly there's all these mountains and stuff totally distracting from it. I highlighted the plane in case you missed it for all the pesky mountains.
Tom and Dan
D'aw. I dare you to look at them and tell me they aren't one of the cutest couples ever. This picture raises more questions than it answers though. Are they contemplating the deeper meaning of life? Are they drinking in the magnificent Alaska scenery? Are they looking over the list of invitees and wondering why I'm there? Perhaps some questions are better left rhetorical.
A Whole Lot of Muddy Nothing
This may look like a whole lot of nothing, but it's a whole lot of nothing with attitude. Over 1000 feet deep, and muddier than Sarah Palin's grasp of foreign affairs, if you take two steps out onto this solid-looking expanse it will suck you down faster than a whore on west 4th. The difference is that the mud won't charge you ten bucks, and you will come to regret it before the sores appear. Also my analogies are terrible.
A Goose Flies Over The Mud
Wasn't there ocean here a few minutes ago? Oh dear, somebody appears to have disappeared beneath the mud and left behind nothing but a crème brûlée. It's not fish, but it's better than a kick in the beak with a webbed galosh.
On The Train to Seward
I tried to think of how I could show off the glory and majesty of the mountains on the way from Anchorage to Seward. How better than to grab somebody else's old photo from 1910 and pass it off as my own? How about if I take one of mine and make it look like that to get around copyright issues?
On a Train
Lesson one (or it SHOULD be lesson one) in the book on "How Not To Be A Moron When Shooting Pictures From A Train With Polarised Windows" is DON'T USE A POLARISOR. Lesson two is that you can't remove the artefacts later in software, no matter how much you insist at the time that you can. By the way, our bar tender/tour guide in the lower left of this picture was awesome.
Employees Only
The signs on either side blather on about "Employees Only" as signs are wont to do at times. All I see is "blah blah blah we left the bar unattended blah blah". It seemed like a good window for a photo op. Isn't she pretty?

OK, that's enough picture spam for now. I'll spread these out over two or three posts, adding more as I finish processing more of the shots. I won't bore you with details of the trip, but I'll say that it was definitely worth the money and effort. Another cruise is on our list of things to do some day.
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