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Meme, eh.

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It was my turn to play chef plonq this evening, which usually means it involves a wok. We stopped at Safeway to buy an inexpensive cut of sirloin and onion, and the rest of the ingredients were all things we had in the fridge or cupboard.

While true stir-fry aficionados would probably recoil in horror if they saw me in action with a wok, I was pleased with the results. The final dinner product was beef, bok choy, onion and mushrooms in an oyster sauce served over rice. It was simple, and surprisingly good. I was a little leery about how it would all add up when I entered the recipe into the nutrition tracker this evening - especially since I had added extra little bonus ingredients like butter - but it came out at a modest 600 calories per serving, and it had crazy-healthy amounts of minerals and vitamins.

After dinner I went downstairs and burnt off 660 calories on the treadmill, so in the end it was like I had skipped a meal with none of the downsides.

For the past few months I have gone from tracking my weight weekly to tracking it daily, and the results are interesting. When I drop the numbers into a spreadsheet, there is a significant spike matching each of my last two trips out to Calgary. I try to watch what I eat when I am there, but restaurant dining and long sedentary days in a classroom setting really take their toll. Fortunately I have managed to get back on track between trips, and my weight is still trending downward.

I am flying out there again next week, but I won't be out there with the same group, so I may be able to keep a tighter cap on my eating habits. The $45 filet mignon from my last trip aside (I felt a little guilty expensing that), when I am on my own I tend to end up in places that serve up more kitsch than quantity (like militant coffee shops, or vegan diners). It would be nice to come home next week and not be six or eight pounds heavier than when I left.
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