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Four of Twelve

Which arguably isn't as busty as seven of nine, but it's still an improvement.

We concentrated on Blackwing Descent last night because we have Magmaw on farm, and Omnotron seemed beatable. When I say they seemed beatable, we were actually beating our heads against the wall trying to take them down.

When we went into BWD on Friday, we had to PUG a healer and dps spot because we've lost (at least temporarily) two of our regulars. We grabbed a DK who was a little under-geared, but brought a pretty good attitude, and learned quickly. The other was a healing druid who - oy. He put up pretty decent numbers, but we've had enough kids like him come through the guild that we're not in any hurry to invite him back.

We one-shotted Magmaw in our usual ugly fashion and then moved on to Omnotron, who summarily wiped the floor with us for the rest of the night. It was a little frustrating because we were coming very close, and it was pretty obvious to all of us that we should have been downing them. One Sunday everybody showed up with their "A" game in place, and you'd almost think we had them on semi-farm status.

Suddenly we found ourselves moving on to Maloriak for our first look at a new boss in some time. I think all of us watched the how-to video before the raid (well, I was watching it while we cleared trash to him) but to be honest, I don't think any of us seriously entertained the thought that we might actually see the fight that evening.

We had a couple of comical first attempts on him where we got blind-sided by fight mechanics that somehow slipped our minds, but once we got those out of our way it was just a matter of honing our timing and positioning. The pattern seemed to be that we would get in a solid attempt, followed by two quick wipes where somebody would trip over a totem, or forget to interrupt something critical, or run out and drag the boss through the whole raid. Finally when there were fifteen minutes left in our scheduled raid, our RL announced that it would be our last attempt for the week.

It was like that announcement shifted us all into a higher gear, and we executed a near-flawless kill. I guess the lesson here is to enter every attempt as if it's our last.
Tags: wow raiding
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