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Stop having a boring tuna! Stop having a boring life!

But apparently it's okay for me to have a boring lunch. I fell off the bandwagon a bit when I was out in Calgary for training last week, but I am back to watching my calories and tracking everything.

I hit my targets right on them money today (well, except for going a smidgen low on calories) and celebrated by spending an hour on the treadmill this evening. If I can keep at this for another week I might almost get back down to where I was prior to my trip.

This was my exciting lunch today:

Lunch Menu

The borscht I had for lunch was one of my last three (two now) containers of farmers' market borscht that I made last fall. This has been good borscht, but by the time I finish the last container I think that I will be borschted out for awhile.

From left to right, the numbers represent calories, carbohydrates, fat and protein. I have a range that each is allowed to fall into by the end of the day. If I go under, the site scolds me because I have taken in less than the minimum I theoretically need to keep myself going. If I go over, it scolds me again and I feel guilty and go off to hit the treadmill and burn off the excess.

Tomorrow the company is treating our IT department out for food and drinks, so it looks like I might be hitting the treadmill again in the evening.
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