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Eventful weekend

We had a few tentative plans laid out this weekend. I say tentative because they all hinged on what happened in the negotiations between my company and one of its unions. If they couldn't reach a deal by midnight on Friday then the union would be giving 72-hour notice to strike, and I'd have been flying out to Thunder Bay on Sunday to work as an assistant railcar mechanic.

Fortunately word came down on Saturday that they cut a last minute tentative deal, so that freed up our weekend for our other plans.

On Saturday we drove around to a few stores and compared prices and features on Treadmills. We have been talking about getting one for some time, and with both of us focusing on losing weight and getting into a little better shape, we decided that this seemed like a good time to buy. A lot of places seem to have sales on them as well, which was also incentive.

We checked out Costco, and had planned to hit up Canadian Tire and Sears before moving on to some of the places that specialize in treadmills. Canadian Tire had some pretty good prices on entry level models, and we were testing out a midrange one when one of the sales guys came over and began extolling the virtues of the model up from it. The model up was actually the one that I wanted, since it had more HP and a longer tread. The problem was that the lower model was being blown out at 60% off, and the more expensive model was not on sale.

When we were hesitant, the said, "I think I can probably get you this one at the same discount as the lower model."

I knew the more expensive one had been on sale for 40% off earlier in the week, so if he could give it to us for 60% off I was definitely interested.

The long and the short of it is that we now have a shiny new treadmill set up in our basement.

I plan to never try to manoeuvre that thing either up nor down the stairs again, so I guess we'll be selling it with the house if we ever move.
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