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Work is eating my brain, so I'm going to post here a bit.

After I parted ways with atara this morning, I cut through the walkway to the mall so that I could pick up another coffee on my way to work. The mall was empty save a few transient interlopers such as myself, and our footsteps echoed loudly, almost drowning out the hauntingly ethereal strains of Stevie Nicks' Landslide echoing over the mall's PA. I found the atmosphere very calming, and paused to drink it in for a few moments before moving on. My life needs more pauses like that.

I stopped at the bottom of the centre concourse while I decided which of the coffee choices appealed to me. Starbucks was the closest, and their line was not excessively long, but their service tends to be slow. The Gourmet Cup had no line, but while I will often avail myself of their speciality drinks, I am not a fan of their coffee; they serve it out of plastic vacuum urns that lend a slightly sour, stale-coffee taste to every cup. Finally there was Tim Hortons, which had the longest line, but also the fastest service.

I finally chose the third option because I had eaten a fairly small breakfast and packed a fairly light lunch, and the thought of a serving of their delicious maple oatmeal along with my coffee was very compelling.

Last week I had an issue with the girl at Starbucks who couldn't figure out the change when I gave her $20.01 for a bill of $19.91. Today it was just a little surreal.

Her: Can I help you?
Me: Yes, could I please have an extra large coffee, one cream and one su...
Her: [Interrupting] Coffee, one cream! [Punches in coffee with one cream.]
Me: ... and one sugar. Also I'd like a maple oatmeal please.
Her: [punches in the sugar] Was there anything else?
Me: Yes, a maple oatmeal please.
Her: OK, what kind of oatmeal sir. Berry?
Me: Maple
Her: Berry?
Me: Maple!

Apparently she interpreted maple to mean and kindly load up the bag with salt and pepper while you're at it because when I got to work, this is what I found piled on top of the oatmeal.

Pepper with your oatmeal?
Tags: coffee, wage slave
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