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After reserving a name for the character, I created a Worgen druid shortly after Cataclysm dropped, and then promptly started neglecting her while I worked on my main Horde characters. After getting three of my Hordies to 85, I figured it was time to spend some time with the puppy.

My goal this evening was to grind out low-level quests until I could get her to level 20. First, level 20 seemed like a good goalpost for an evening's play, but I also wanted to see if the Worgen racial travel form was as evocative as I have heard.


The short answer is yes. When they are running, they bound along like you would expect a half-feral creature to run, but when they stop running they stay in their travel pose which looks less like a "mounted" pose than a "mount me" pose. The Worgen are kind of a neat race with a reasonably interesting back-story, and I like the graphics for the characters though I don't get why they didn't give them tails in their canine form - the Draenei and Tauren both have tails, so I know they have tail subroutines built into the game. Overall though I think the Horde got the better deal. Worgen may be cool, but Goblins are fucking awesome, and the Forsaken back story is downright epic.

What was really interesting was playing through the Foresaken starting quests, then playing through the Worgen ones to see the story told from the other side.

And I think people just look for things that aren't there. Here is Balto in her travel form. With her clothing removed. Well, okay, maybe it's a little suggestive...

Balto 2

I love the squirrel in the background. Just in case you didn't recognize it as a squirrel, the game kindly put a name plate over it like an obsessive person with a label-maker going around sticking labels to everything in the house; "Door", "Chair", "Cat", etc.
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