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It occurs to me

I have gone a week without posting to my journal, and with only one or two updates to Twitter or Facebook. Partly that's because until I finish this Picture a Day project, the bulk of my entires have been pictures, and IMO my pictures for the past week or so have been pretty much a waste of pixels. The only one I took in that stretch that I think might have been worth posting here is this one:


A friend at work asked me to come by with the camera last week to snap some pictures of his "new" condo (it's actually in a building that was probably erected in the late 1800s, or early 1900s). We spent about 90 minutes setting up a variety of shots before we feared that atara (who was enduring the boring process with saint-like patience) would eventually succumb to a combination of hunger and boredom and go feral on us. He bought the condo as an empty corner in the building, so everything in it has been built to his custom specifications. It is filled with wonderful geekery, and nerdiness, and a plethora of what a great idea!

As much as I would love to post some of the pictures from his place, in the interests of protecting his privacy I'll just settle for this lava lamp in one of his south windows.
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