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Year In Pictures: 2010/12/08 - My F, K, C and U keys seem to be wearing out.

This nagging voice in the back of my head tells me that I submitted a nearly identical picture a few months ago, but I'm too knackered to bother checking.

The Internet on my phone cut out today. I checked with atara and she assured me that hers was still working. Our offices are a couple of blocks apart, so it's possible that my building had suddenly sprouted legs and wandered into a data dead zone, but my suspicion was that my phone itself was having issues.

I checked my settings to ensure that I hadn't accidentally turned on aeroplane mode, or maybe dropped the phone into the toilet without thinking, but to cite a hackneyed line from every tech support desk I have ever called, "The system seems to be working fine here, the problem must be at your end."

Everything seemed to be set right on my phone, and all of the analogue functions were working, so either the digital receiver in my phone was acting up, or our telcom was suffering from the Pepsi syndrome.

I was prepared to put on my coat and jackboots to make a visit to the phone store across the street as soon as I put the finishing touches on a critical report, but just as I put the last bit of spit and polish on my report, the twitter application on my phone chimed to let me know that it suddenly had a purpose in existence again.

I guess the problem was at their end after all.

Anyway, as a test of my connection I snapped this shot of my desk and uploaded it to Flickr. So far, so good.
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