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Year In Pictures: 2010/12/04 - Merry, queen of the photobombs

We hit up the Bodies exhibit that has been showing down town for the past few months. It was interesting, but a bit overpriced in my opinion.

While we were out (and earlier, speaking chronologically) we stopped for lunch at the Eat! Bistro up on Garry Street. This has been on our list for awhile, and I'm glad that we made the effort to get in there. The place oozes with kitsch, from the old book store in front to the theatre upstairs (where they had tables set up selling local crafts today - we bought me some home-made winter socks).

Pictured (poorly) here was my lunch platter consisting of some home-made taco chips, hummus, snap peas and baby carrots, grilled veggies, a black bean cake topped with avocado and a tomato chutney, and some chickpea fritters. Hidden underneath the fritters were some sun-dried tomatoes. It was all very delicous, and in retrospect I really didn't need the side order of tempura-battered onion rings with a roasted red-pepper dip that you can see just encroaching into the picture on the right.
Lunch at Eat! Bistro

Later we went shopping for some new luggage. We have a motley assortment of suitcases and overnight bags, but we wanted something a bit more elegant (and durable) for the cruise next year. We looked at a few brands and sizes before settling on these two, in part because of their fairly distinct colours (they are listed as emerald and sapphire). They have a lifetime factory warranty against just about everything, and they're large enough that for shorter trips we can share a single bag for all of our stuff. I was going to get a nice flash picture of the bags when little miss photo-bomb popped her head up from behind them to see what I was doing.

A lot of people wrote off Metallica after their St. Anger, but they were just launching a new phase of their career...
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