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Year In Pictures: 2010/11/29 - Meow

If you cannot motivate yourself to go and take a picture, just wait and eventually the picture will come to you. I was sitting back in my computer chair mulling over a subject for today's picture when Merry decided that it would be a good time to jump up and get all up in my face. Fortunately my phone was charging on the desk within easy reach, and the results are here. To the phone's credit, it was a pretty low-light shot, but at the same time I like the roughness that it lends to the picture.

I watched some videos of various Black Friday stampedes this evening and I felt a bit more of my respect for humanity shrivel away with each clip. In comparison this compilation of failures was almost uplifting. It starts off slowly, with the usual assortment of idiots on skateboards and trampolines, but just past the halfway mark I found myself overwhelmed by morbid curiosity. A drunk falling off a stage is one thing, but this video had a fair share of "what the fuck were these people even trying to do?" moments in it.


"Oh Santa boned my sister on Christmas.
He said it was because she'd been so good.
She'd asked for weed or world peace
or even six a-layin' geese.
Well she got her goose and then she got his wood."

Giblet stood with a Christmas tree ornament clutched in one paw, ostensibly frozen in mid-hang while his brain tried to parse what his ears were picking up from the snow leopard's notebook. "What the hell are we listening to?" he finally demanded.
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