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Your fursuit was totally made of awesome and win!

I see that in spite of the request of con organizers not to do it, the usual crop of fursuiters are spamming the MFF community board with their masturbatory cries of "can y'all please post pictures of my fursuit?"

Little shit disturber that I am, I had a message all composed and ready to go but atara talked me out of it because it might stir up some drama. She can be a real wet blanket about these things, but she's right.

So I'll post it here instead.

Hi dude! I was going to reply to your message with this picture, but your suit is so awesome that I figured I'd post this as a new message so that everybody could see it.

You had the best fursuit I have ever seen. You probably don't remember me, even though I was totally fawning over you and going all fanboi, but I managed to get a nice close shot of your suit while you were posing for somebody else. Dude, this suit is made of wicked and win. I totally want to be you when I grow up.

Here it is again, but I blew it up so that you can see more detail.

Your suit totally didn't smell as bad as some of the others, and it wasn't baggy in the crotch or anything. If you need more pictures of your suit I can post this a couple more times for you. Also you should ask a few more times for pictures because I bet other people have a lot of pictures of your fursuit because it was so awesome!
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