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Year In Pictures - Dragon Mania

We have dragons all over our house. Big dragons, little dragons, plastic dragons, pewter dragons. Here is one of them.


On another note, the sensor on my camera has become quite dirty. It has probably been picking up dirt over time - it's one of the risks when you start swapping out lenses on your DSLR, but I didn't really notice it until I dusted off the light box and took a few shots. I can see much of the dust when I lock up the lens, and I've tried dislodging it with a few puffs from the lens cleaning bulb I have for the camera. It got rid of the tiny hair that was clinging to the sensor, but the rest seems to be hanging on quite tenaciously.

I keep looking at the can of compressed air on my desk, but that has bad idea written all over it.

I suppose it's time to take it back to the shop and see if they can do something for me. If it was just a speck or two I would just use a reference photo to map out the specks, but the sensor is really quite dusty. I cropped and edited the specks out of this shot, but I know they're there and it causes me much annoyance.
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