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Year In Pictures: 2010/10/29 - Snow!

atara is probably posting a pictures of the snow about the same time that I'm posting this one here. She took hers first, and after flailing about a bit for a shot it suddenly occurred to me that there is no rule that says we can't both take pictures of the same thing. Here is our first taste of what they are promising will be a long, harsh winter.

I shot this one at f/4.0 and ISO100 for 25 seconds. It may look like late afternoon, but this was actually shot at 11:36 this evening. Everything was originally a ruddy orange colour - the sky included - because at that time of night everything is illuminated by sodium street lights. It's amazing what a bit of colour-correction can do.

We won the game, though we didn't set the high score. I know that lots of people have killed him, but the fact that we did is as an all-guild thing was especially satisfying. Anyone can down him by latching onto an over-geared pick-up group, but we managed to test it, learn it and beat it on our own.

We came close to downing him on Wednesday (within 3%), so I was pretty confident that we'd crack him tonight. We got within 7% on our first attempt and then things went a bit south on us. We went through four more attempts with varying degrees of success, but miscues and plain bad luck did us in. Finally on the sixth attempt we made the Lich our bitch.
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