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Year In Pictures: 2010/10/02 - Goodbye Summer

I call this one Goodbye Summer.


Our "let's go for a little drive after the farmers' market" turned into an all-day event. I bagged a bunch of pictures, a few of which turned out okay.

I grabbed two pictures of this picture, each with the polariser turned 90 degrees to the other. I converted one to black and white, and kept the other in colour. I like them both in general, but I find the detail a bit busy.

This is the colour version. I don't know how I ever got through life without a polariser.

I have been trying to get some decent pictures showing the fall colours, but the trees have been exceptionally uncooperative this year. Some are bare, while others are still green, with the whole gamut in between. I guess I shouldn't be surprised; unusual weather tends to bring out unusual behavior.
Autumn Tree

This is a fairly photogenic old church.

Leaving flowers on your grave to show that I still care
but black roses and Hail Marys can't bring back what's taken from me.

OK, so they're not roses, and they're not black. Still, it's not often I find an excuse to quote Offspring lyrics.
Leaving Flowers

Oh look, it's a tree. This is another one I shot for the contrast.

I don't know what this gopher is eating here...

...but whatever it was, apparently it gets stuck in ones teeth.

These guys were much more relaxed this time than they where the last time we saw them. I think they like their lovely new enclosure. I am very pleased to see how much work is happening up at the zoo these days - lots of expansion and modernizing, and giving better all-around facilities to the critters.

It's a rough life being a lion. "Oh bother, the sun has moved. I suppose I should move. Maybe."
Lion Around

This yawn may well have been her greatest expenditure of energy for the day.

This would have been a nice shot but for the fence.

Not shown in this pictures is whatever he has in his beak. He was determined to show us what he had in his beak (it looked vaguely like a piece of cheese). He made a beeline over to us, and then followed us the length of the enclosure as we were leaving, carrying around his prize and showing it off to us.
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