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This made me die a little on the inside

What the fuck is this shit?

I can live with the vomitous spew of colours and point sizes. I can turn a blind eye to the abuse of exclamation marks that happens further down in the message (because this point is very important!!!!!!!!!!)

The part that burns like a nitric acid enema is where they blew up a bit-mapped font. Did it not occur to this person that the font looked a little... blocky?

There are two things missing from this email that I am sure will appear in follow-up messages later: Comic Sans, and pictures which they have squished down to a 1:3 ratio to make them fit on the page.

I walked up on one of our Bas a couple of years ago while he was working on a promotion poster for the Health and Safety Committee. The first thing that jumped out at me on his screen was a picture at the top of the poster which he had shrunk in Word to make it fit. I pointed at the picture and said, "What the hell is that?" He couldn't see what was wrong with the picture, so I said, "Well, other than the fact that it looks like you are crushing everybody under about 12 times gravity, the corporate logo behind them is supposed to be round, not an oval." He insisted that the picture was good enough, and if he had not noticed the problems, nobody else would.

Later when I was wandering by I noticed that he had fixed the picture. He admitted that once I had pointed it out to him that the picture was squashed, he couldn't un-see it again, and it was distracting him from working on there rest of the poster. Score 1 for the good guys.

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