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Year In Pictures: 2010/09/16 - Tea

There's nothing like a pot of hot tea to warm the cockles on a cool, wet, blustery day.

We drove up Portage after work today and checked out a British restaurant way out in the west end. I tried my first Scotch egg, and had some haddock and chips as a main course. If I had known how large the portions would be I'd have either skipped the egg, or asked for a half-portion of the fish dinner. My last experience with haddock had been at a chip shop in Glasgow, and it had been a very unpleasant fish at the time, but having talked to enough people who really like haddock I decided to give it another go. This time around it was actually quite good. I don't know if it will unseat halibut as my favourite white fish, but it was definitely a step up from cod.

The last time I tried mushy peas they were very so-so, but I decided to give them a second try as well, and the peas at this restaurant were quite good. I can see ordering them again.


We bought atara one of the new iPod Touches today on our way to the restaurant. When she started trying to set it up this evening, she ran into troubles with its virtual keyboard, and we finally traced it to a defective screen. There is a 1/4" strip of dead space running down the length of the touch screen. Dead right out of the box; that's some nice quality control there Apple. It is the first Apple product she has ever bought, and I can't say that she's terribly impressed so far.


Before any Apple fans jump in here too hard, I'd be grumping about any product we'd just paid $329 for that was defective from the factory. I know it happens, but that doesn't mean that I like it when it happens to us.
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