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Year In Pictures: 2010/08/28 - I Am Cornholio!

After the farmers' market today, we drove down to Morden to check out the Morden Corn & Apple Festival. I had never checked out their web page prior to linking it here, so I was expecting something set up out in a hay field, with hay rides, and tractor pulls and whatnot. Instead they had turned downtown Morden into a festival site, with block after block of vendors and pavilions and live bands. They also had a few blocks set up as a midway with all the usual carny activities and rides. It was much bigger and more impressive than I had been expecting.

There was free corn and cider available to visitors, but the line for the corn was crazy long - almost as long as the line for free food at the St John's Park picnic last week. Manitobans like their free stuff. Rather than wait in the long line, atara and I walked up to the end of the block and paid $.50 for some corn from one of the vendors. It tasted just as sweet and saved us an hour standing in the rain. They had bottles of butter-like liquid available for the corn, as well as salt and lots of napkins.
Mmmm. Check out that greasy goodness.

This stretched on for blocks. We brought home some kettle corn and cotton candy for our efforts, as well as a cool new bag for atara, but I'll let her tell you more about that.
The kabob chef stepped back for a break and a drink of water, so I stepped in and snapped a picture of the grill. We did not eat at this place, in part because the line for food was very long, but it smelled astoundingly good.
If you are going to busk in the rain, it's always nice to have Dad along to hold the umbrella. She was a decent violinist. atara tossed a quarter in her violin case after I shot this picture. Does the lady in the background count as a photo bomb?
Even with an industrial corn cooker on the go, they could not keep up with the demand of hungry (and cheap) Manitobans out for a free lunch. They had a powered corn shelling machine set up to one side, but we did not get to see it in operation while we were there.
Corn Cookers
This lady was like the soup Nazi for corn. Once you got your cobs, she chased you away promptly, and yelled at people who did not move away fast enough. I guess your temper can wear a bit thin when you've been handing out hot corn to an endless line all day.
Corn Lady
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