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Year In Pictures: 2010/08/11

The Rival Juice-O-Mat is, as near as I can tell from a bit of Internet research - a relic of the 1930s; it certainly bears the usual 1930s era Art Deco styling. When it was new I imagine it was a lovely, gleaming chrome contraption. The years have not been kind to the chrome, but I still think it's attractive in a retro kind of way. I tried pressing half an orange with it after cleaning it up, and then cleaned it up again and juiced the rest of the oranges in our (modern, and much more effective) electric juicer.


Even though I shot this one outside, I used a flash to bring out some of the detail. Shot at ISO100 (yes, I finally set it back) at f/9.5 and 1/200th of a second. Adjusted the angle a bit in software and then did a 50% b&w overlay to reduce the colour saturation a bit. I had actually boosted the saturation in the raw part of processing, so it still has more colour than it would have otherwise.
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