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Year In Pictures: 2010/08/08

Corn on the cob.


I shot this one with only the small bulb in the refrigerator lighting the scene. I shot it at f/13.0 at 1/2 of a second. I just noticed that it was set to ISO200 as well. That was not intentional - I guess I forgot to change it back when I was shooting the cricket match yesterday. I will sometimes up the ISO when I am shooting with the zoom to offset the polariser. Other than converting it to black and white, and doing a bit of sharpening, I didn't do much else to this shot.

On a non-picture note, our guild managed to down two more bosses in Ice Crown Citadel last night, and we got in a couple of solid attempts on the next one. That puts us at 10/12 in there. Yes, I know there are guilds out there who are farming it on 25-man hard mode, but this is the first time in a long time that we've managed to assemble a static raid group. We've almost managed to get static groups going in the past, but we'd invariably have something come along to break up the group. Sometimes it would be somebody's work schedule suddenly preventing them from raiding, but too often it was just someone bolting on us in the night because they were more interested in getting a tourist spot through the place with a guild who already has it on farm status.

I guess if that's what you want from this game, then do whatever makes you happy. We may not be at the cutting edge, but we're breaking new ground, and I find it immensely satisfying each time we conquer a new challenge.

We went shopping this afternoon, and since we didn't have many groceries, we decided to use the self-check line. I have quietly scoffed at people in the past when I have seen them having trouble with the self-checks because really, the technology couldn't be more self-obvious and easy to use. In fairness, most of the time these people really are morons, and the problems are of their own making. But sometimes the technology itself is just... stupid. atara has described our own fun with the self-check in her journal. I wish that she was exaggerating, but she's not.

We have never had this problem with the self-checks at Canadian Tire, so maybe the Superstore just has a special breed of self-checks. Something she neglected to mention in her post was how we tried to cancel the whole transaction three times, each time getting to the "Are You Sure?" prompt, selecting "Yes" and having it demand that we scan the item again anyway. On the third attempt to cancel the transaction the scanner suddenly started working again.
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