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Year In Pictures: 2010/07/27 (etc)


Garlic scapes and purple carrots served as the base for our chicken stir-fry this evening. Once they got a head start, I added some bok choy and mushrooms.

Actually this is what I did. I tossed bits of soy sauce-coated chicken into a heated wok until it was just cooked and then removed it to a separate bowl. I then tossed the sliced carrots into the wok with a bit more oil, tossed them for a bit and then dumped in the scapes. After 2-3 minutes I added the bok choy, and about a minute later I added the mushrooms. stirred and tossed that until the bok choy was about done, re-added the chicken and threw in a hand full of salted cashews. Finally I poured in about 1/2 cup of store-bought stir-fry sauce, tossed it all together with some corn starch to thicken it up, and then added some rice noodles that atara had been busy reconstituting in hot water.

The final result was yummy and filling.

Since I was too lazy to post my two previous day's pictures, here they are in thumbnail form. I uploaded them and dumped them to my FB, but between the heat and my general lassitude the past couple of nights I couldn't be bothered posting them here.

atara hates pickles, but that didn't stop her from brining some baby cukes and making a few jars of them.

Unless we come up with other clever uses for them, all of these oranges and lemons are destined for juices and ades. I made an orange julius this morning, and I do think that I shall probably make another tomorrow.

Not YIP shots, but the city looked interesting last night. A couple of big storms swept near by, but didn't quite drop their payload on us.

Thunderheads always look cool in when the sun is setting.
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