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Year In Pictures: 2010/07/15

After 16+ years, I am finally getting around to replacing my camera bag. I really like the old camera bag, and but for two minor things I probably wouldn't have replaced it. The Velcro is starting to peel away in places so that the external pocket flaps do not seal as tightly as they should, and my camera does not fit well with the zoom lens attached. I have got around the latter issue by storing my camera with the 50mm lens on it, but there are a few times when I've wished I had the zoom attached when I pulled out the camera for a picture.

The new bag is lighter, easier to carry, and has more space. The downside is that its storage is not as convenient as it was in my old bag. Everything was very quick and easy to access in the old bag, where the new one has a lot more zippers pouches in the way. Eventually I will juggle things around as I get used to the new bag until I have my most common items in quick reach again.

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