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Year In Pictures: 2010/07/04

After taking care of some chores around the house and yard, we went for a nice long cruise with the top down, ending it with a stop for gelato. Any day that ends with gelato is a good day. I got the black sesame, topped with a scoop of mandarin-ginger. atara ordered the lemon meringue pie topped with a scoop of hedgehog. The black sesame and lemon meringue were definitely the two clear winners here.


I got a bit tricky with the colouring on this one, obviously.

Blizzard is having a writing contest, with fabulous prizes for the winner. I started on a half-ass story earlier today while atara was outside whacking weeds, but I don't know if I am going to finish this one or not. Still hadn't decided where I was going with it.

Here is a snippet for any WoW geeks out there.

The last member of this scraggly cast was our troll shaman named Epictotemz. He had an endearingly nihilistic philosophy that made me begrudgingly like him in spite of his silly name, and the fact that he was a troll.. and a shaman.

"Well, I see it like dis, mon," he said, waving a half-eaten fish for emphasis. He perched casually on his healing stream totem while he spoke, resting his troll rump on its crown. Though the totem took his weight readily enough, it leaned slightly in protest, and its healing pulses took on a definite air of petulance. "If we kill dis guy and take his stuff, he just gonna come back. If not him, then somebody who look just like him." He took another bite of the fish."We gonna leave dis place, then come back and there he is! Da same guy.Looks da same, has da same name, but totally don't remember us."
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