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Year In Pictures: 2010/06/18

Well, I admit that I am a bit surprised at how rare the answers were to my steak survey the other day. I had expected to see answers more in the medium to well range, but the results fit with what I had read earlier in the day about people trending toward rarer steaks. I'm not sure if it goes so far as to restore my faith in humanity, but it gives my impressions a nudge in the positive direction.

Hot off debunking a conspiracy that crept up on my wall in Facebook (I'm sorry that your favourite song with an agenda-du-jour did not get played on the radio, but that doesn't mean it has been "banned"), I now present you with today's photo du jour. Our Monkeylectric lights showed up earlier this week, and we managed to get a single evening of riding in before the weather turned rainy, and the sky blackened with mosquitoes. It is supposed to be sunny for most of the weekend, so with luck maybe we can get out for another round of the park tomorrow.

I was hoping to get a picture of a more interesting pattern, but the hour was late and the mosquitoes were being pesky. That said, I think this is kind of a cool shot.


I juggled the bike and camera for a bit before I finally settled on a set-up that seemed like it might work. I set the camera on a tripod and then lifted the back of the bike with one hand, holding it in what I hoped was in a useful area of the frame and then triggered the camera with the wireless remote. Sometimes it pays to be good, and sometimes it pays to be lucky. I got this shot on the first try.

I set the shutter to 1/4 of a second, and guestimated that f/8.0 seemed like a reasonable aperture. I seem to be getting pretty good at guessing the right shutter and f/stop settings these days, though I can't think of the last picture I took where everything was set on full automatic. Who would have thought that practise would help one to hone their skills? For the post-processing side of things, I broke from my usual mould and uploaded the jpeg from the camera, rather than working on the raw file. The only changes I made were to sharpen it a bit to compensate for some very slight movement in the bike, and then I resized it down a bit.
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