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Year In Pictures: 2010/06/14

Pomander, with reference-cat for scale.

After taking my camera to work once again (there are a couple of pictures that I have in mind if I can ever tear myself away from my desk in the afternoon), I ended up gadding about the house again looking for a picture this evening. I was just being silly when I opened my shirt closet, but the pomander on the shelf caught my eye. I've taken pictures of lamer things.

I made this one a couple of years ago from an apple. It has a nifty shape, but it is not as aromatic as the ones I usually make from oranges. Jaws was already occupying the sewing machine where I had planned to lay it for a picture, but rather than shooing her away I decided to use her as a point of reference. I had no idea that she would immediately begin to obsess over it, though I have owned cats for long enough that one might expect I'd have figured that kind of thing out by now. I snapped a few pictures and then quickly rescued it from her lest she lick it entirely clean of cinnamon.


The overhead light in this room contains one incandescent bulb, and a compact florescent which drives the colour correction in most cameras completely bonkers. I shot a couple of pictures without a flash, and then a couple more with. I decided to go with one of the non-flash pictures because I preferred the softer tones, but it needed a lot of tweaking to get the colours right. The software could not figure out what to do with it, so I manually tweaked the balance until it looked fairly natural. Jaws isn't quite the proper shade of white in this shot, but pushing the colour correction any further started turning the highlights in her fur blue. Yes, she is an older cat, but she does not have blue hair. The lighting in the room is quite yellow, so this is actually pretty true-to-life.

I shot this one at 1/15th of a second, with the aperture cranked all the way open to f/1.8. There is a bit of motion blur because she was methodically trying to nuzzle the pomander off of the sewing machine, but the blur is not noticeable to ruin the shot.
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