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Year In Pictures: 2010/06/07

In the same theme as the last few, here is another picture of food. When we were out shopping this weekend I picked up a dessert 3-pack that contains Soan Papdi, Soan Cakes, and Orange Soan Papdi. I know that I have posed about these things in the past, but I have this tendency to use stupid titles and tags on my posts, so I can't find the post to link back to it -- or I may be mistaking Livejournal with Facebook. I do that sometimes.


I could wax poetic about how delicious these are, but words don't do them justice. They are so light and flaky that it is hard to pick them up without having them fall apart in your hand. They melt in your mouth in an explosion of cardamom, almond, pistachio and a hint of rose. I must ration myself.

I put these on a plate with the intention of setting up the light box. It was late, and I didn't feel like looking for it (even though it is probably somewhere literally under my nose) so I just plugged in the lamp that normally lights the box and called it "good enough." Normally I would have shot this at a tighter f/stop and slower shutter, but since I was hand-shooting rather than using the tripod I opted for f/2.8 and 1/90th of a second. I could get slightly finer details with the tripod, but the picture looks good IMO, and I don't feel like dragging it out for another shot.
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