the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur (plonq) wrote,
the Sweet Smell of Burning Fur

Year In Pictures: 2010/05/13

If my entries these past few days seem a little terse it's because I hate typing on these tiny laptop keyboards.

After an unpromising start, the weather today was glorious, and we rented an electric golf cart for the day. We beetled around the island until the battery was dead, taking in tours of both wineries while we were at it.

This winery didn't officially open until tomorrow, but the owner said we were welcome to come in for samples and to tour the facility. They didn't give us a guided tour (which cost money), but let us wander through the place on our own. In this picture were three of the four wines that they carry under their label. The blush and the blackberry wine were both very good. We bought a bottle of the blush.

Tags: 2010yip
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